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Kazan is the capital of the republic of Tatarstan and is a beautiful and interesting city. It is home to the Tatars – descendants of a nomadic Turkic tribe and part of the Golden Hoarde that wreaked havoc across Russia in the middle ages. You will see bilingual street signs and the green, white and red Tatar flag fluttering throughout the city, giving it a different atmosphere to other Russian cities. Ivan forced the local muslim population to convert to Christianity, but now you will see mosques in the city.

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The capital of Tatarstan has plenty to offer. Nightclubs are the best IRL game spot for foreigners. Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan.

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The official date of Kazan’s foundation is and the city held millennium celebrations in However this official date has been disputed by historians. Some evidence for supposing that Kazan was founded in the 11th century are coins dating from the reign of Duke Wenceslaus I of Bohemia who reigned from to and other ancient artefacts found in archaeological digs on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin.

If Kazan does date from the 11th century it might have been as a trading town on route from Scandinavia to the Middle East and part of Volga Bulgaria, whose capital was Bolgar which is located km from Kazan. The origins of the name Kazan are also debated, but the most common belief is that it is after the Turkic word for a heavy cooking pot and there is an often repeated legend in relation to this.

According to this legend a son of a Volga Bulgarian khan stopped in what became Kazan and ordered his servant to get some water using his golden kazan, but upon doing so the servant slipped and dropped the kazan in the river. Afterwards the river became known as the Kazanka and the city which developed next to the river became known as Kazan. A further legend surrounding early Kazan is the legend of Zilant – the giant winged snake-like dragon.

The legend states that when the first settlers arrived the land where Kazan now stands was infested with snakes who were led by Zilant, which is the Tatar word for snake. To rid the land of snakes a sorcerer recommended putting down lots of dry branches. In the winter all the snakes nested in the branches which the settlers then set alight. The snakes were burned alive and any which escaped were slain. Finally Zilant himself appeared and the bravest of the Tatar knights cut him into six pieces.

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One of the most celebrated days in Kazan city is the Republic Day. It reflects both the old Russian and Tatar people customs and festivals and a new face of Kazan city. Crowds gather in the Kazan city stadium, located on the site of the old Tashayak Fair, to see the colorful spectacle: horse races, the national wrestling, the ingenious folk contests, such as the famous sabantuy, ‘the celebration of the plough’. The crowds of Kazan city people that assemble to celebrate the Republic Day could be seen in earlier times only during the officially sanctioned manifestations organized for May Day and the anniversary of the October Revolution.

But on the Republic Day the people who gather together whatever their ethnic origins, experience a new feeling of solidarity and common purpose. Besides Russians and Tatars , who are the most numerous, there are the Chuvash, Mari, Udmurt and Mordvin peoples and many others. Although in recent years there has been much emphasis on the renaissance of the Tatar nation and its culture. It should not be overlooked that, according to the statistics, every inhabitant of Kazan city is a partner in or comes from a mixed marriage Kazan has always been noted for the good relations among the people that make up its inhabitants.

Despite all the national sporting events when, for example, on the ice of Lake Kaban the workmen of the Tatar settlement and the Sukonny quarter, located on opposite shore came out to try their strength in fist-fighting, the history of the few centuries has not known serious ethnically-based conflicts. Working together and sharing the burdens of life has always been common to the multi-national population.

Strictly speaking, this comes at the beginning of summer, after the first hay-making but why not celebrate it again in August, at harvest time? The Tatar festivals mirror the people’s adventurous spirit and their zeal for work. It should be mentioned that in the old days landowners along the Volga always tried to hire Tatar peasants for the harvest, not only because they were remarkable for their sobriety, but because they knew how to use two hands on the scythe.

The Kazan city history says that prince Andrey Kurbsky who had distinguished himself during the capture of Kazan city , gave a rapturous description of the surrounding area.

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Kazan Russia memorable date – Tatarstan Republic Day: the origin and celebrations. One of the most celebrated days in Kazan city is the Republic Day.

The exact date of Kazan foundation is unknown. According to the opinions of some historians it was founded in the second half of the 13th century, but other specialists believe that the city was founded in It is located on the banks of the Volga River. Since the city was the capital of Kazan Khanate, and in it was conquered by Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible. Nowadays Kazan is the capital of the Tatarstan republic.

Kazan is a large industrial center of the region. It witnessed many important historical events. For example, here the leader of the Bolsheviks party Vladimir Lenin started his activities. Kazan is a very interesting city from the architectural point of view. Here one can see old buildings, which have been carefully preserved till nowadays: the Kremlin with various constructions of the 16thth centuries, the Peter and Paul cathedral, the Marjani mosque.

Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan Republic, a large port on the bank of Volga river at the place where Kazanka river is flowing into it. Kazan city is the one of the largest economical, political, scientific, educational, cultural and sport centers o. Price from:

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A city with a thousand year history, incredible national flavor, elesh and top bars. The capital of Tatarstan is one of the oldest Russian cities. In Kazan celebrated years since it was founded. Kazan combines multiple cultures – Russian, Muslim and Asian. It’s a port and a popular tourist spot at the same time. You can walk the historic center that has most of the city landmarks in half a day.

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The only surviving Tatar fortress in Russia and an important place of pilgrimage, the Kazan Kremlin consists of an outstanding group of historic buildings dating from the 16th to 19th centuries, integrating remains of earlier structures of the 10th to 16th centuries. Het Kazan kremlin is het enige overgebleven Tataarse fort in Rusland en een belangrijk bedevaartsoord.

Het Kazan kremlin dateert uit de islamitische periode van de Gouden Horde en het kanaat Kazan. Ivan de Verschrikkelijke veroverde het in en maakte er de christelijke hoofdstad van, in het Wolga gebied. Het complex is een mooi voorbeeld van een synthese van Tataarse en Russische invloeden in de architectuur en het toont de impact van de islam en het christendom.

Source: unesco. Built on a site inhabited since very ancient times, the Kazan Kremlin dates back to the Islamic period in the history of Volga Bulgaria, the Golden Horde and the Kazan Khanate.